Occupied (OWS Anthem)


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tired of being trapped in the games you play
we are the 99%
tired of cleaning up the mess you made
we are the 99%
tired of living in the shadows of your greed
we are the 99%
tired of you not hearing when we speak
we are the 99%

verse 1
walk slow through the streets of the capitals
speak loud so the horsemen snap at you
pigs on equines, animal kingdom
1984 there's a cost for this freedom
the usa was forged out of protest
against the queen's taxes, this country was progressed
full circle, a new revolution
so how you gonna say its un-american a movement
everyone against sites socialism
but nationalize mortgage and bailout the system
the folks on the steps with their rhymes and their picket signs
stand for what this country was built on in different times
the fed reserve, private owned institution,
doing what they please without congress approval
the politicians slave to the money from the lobbyists
thats money from banks, who the fuck you think the lobby is?

verse 2
a country born to protect its citizens
free speach and the right to be vigilant
to serve those in need of a protector
not to spray mace in the face of protestors
this aint tehran, but its looking kinda similar
quelled protests and arrests, its familiar
slippery slope down the road of oppression
a time bomb to control this aggression
wall street rich while the rest disaffected
99% of this population restless
war drums from the armies of mutiny
you feel the heat because youre now under scrutiny
no coincidence that the banks you protest
fund the police that place you in arrest
keep your voice low or its poles to your chest
but the voice of the people can be no more suppressed coz

ron paul speech
could it all be a bad dream, or a nightmare
is it my imagination or have we lost our minds?
it's surreal
it' just not believable
a grand absurdity
a great deception
based on proposterous notions
and on ideas, whose time should never have come
grandiose schemes built on falsehoods
with the morallity of ponzi and madoff
slavery sold as liberty
socialism to save capitalism
a central bank that deliberately destroys the value of the currency
we have broken from reality
a psychotic nation


released November 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Antix (Official) London, California

Antix is a hip-hop artist like no other. Shunning the bravado and materialism of so many of his contemporaries; he is a man with a message. Antix’ sound is a revival of what has been lost in hip-hop for so long and his new single 'Our Father' shows he is only improving with time. ... more

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